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Please consider the end result i.e. the performance at your wedding, plus administration services prior to the wedding day, and any other comments you might have, thank you
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The format I use is simply "Comment XYZ" - First name & First name, Venue, Wedding date
This could be meeting up over coffee to go through everything in person ($150), or a rehearsal (same prices as gig itself!)
We allow 1.5 hours from background music to the Exit song. Plus an extra 30mins prior to that to ensure we are ahead of traffic, and have time to set up. If the bride is a bit late like 15mins that's ok. So that's 2.5 hours of us being on site at your service for the usual rates. We think we should charge $50 per musician per extra 30 mins (or part thereof) over the fair and expected time of 2.5 hours. Communion takes longer as well and we are considering charging extra for this service too.